In the UK, we’ve seen the evolution of the mid-sized pick-up truck and crossover (as opposed to those behemoths they’ve grown accustomed to across the pond) vehicles, and this has pushed the designers of manufacturing giants to transform these vehicles from their past lives as solely utilitarian trucks, to become what we now recognise as being well-built, comfort-focused pick-ups, loaded with tech and versatile enough to be customised and accessorized to meet individual needs and desires of their owners.

Ford-Ranger-2023-Brand New-Black Ranger-Alloys-Hard Top-2023 Ford Ranger-Accessories

However, we had seemingly hit a somewhat stagnant period in the pick-up truck space.

An irrefutable truth of the market is that when a particular demand emerges, manufacturers respond in force, with the industry titans throwing their creative weight and expertise behind their latest offering, vying to produce something bigger and better than the competition.

2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Orange-Alloys-Grille-LED Lights-Deflectors-Wind-Bonnet

That has certainly been true at least in the past couple of decades.

The ‘90s saw huge production strides in MPVs (multipurpose vehicles), and significant manufacturer interest in the SUV and crossover market in recent years has meant that there’s hardly been a better time to buy a new mid-sized SUV.

1990s MPV Renault

The 90s saw similar advances to an expanding market owing to demand for greater MPV options

However, something is amiss in the UK pick-up market.

The pick-up truck market has most definitely seen better days as numerous manufacturers discontinue well-established models or altogether pull out of what once threatened to be a buoyant and exciting developing market.

The past few years has witnessed some manufacturing giants removing bedrock models from the market, Mercedes dropped their X-Class, Mitsubishi retired the L200 and announced its intention to withdraw from the Western-European market, and notable absence of any revision to other familiar faces in the market such as the more refined Amarok until May 2023 when VW announced their new range.

Despite the half-hearted efforts of some manufacturers, demand in the UK for more variety in pick-up market remains strong. Perhaps what happened to cause this precarious period was simply the market weeding out the models deemed unsuitable and picking their overall winner. That winner is undeniably Ford and their rugged Ranger.

Ford Ranger: King of the UK pick up market

It hasn’t always been glossy finesse for Ford and their foray in the pick-up space. When Ford entered the pick-up market, it was a poor-to-lukewarm P100offering which posed absolutely no threat to the Japanese heavyweights who had dominated, and continued to control the market for years after.

Ford P100 pick-up

Ford’s first steps into UK pick-ups – The Ford P100 fell flat

However, Ford learned for their mistakes and switched up their game. Since their initial (Mazda-designed) Ranger hit the market, Ford have hardly looked back. Ford raised the bar, and by 2020, the Ford Ranger was staking claim to more than a third of the UK pick-up market.

Ford have taken the UK pick-up market to new levels, and resultingly have piled the pressure on Nissan, Toyota, Isuzu and Mitsubishi, daring them to step up and challenge the Ranger for its crown. The new 2023 Ranger boasts a blend of classic, rugged style with a more chiselled and refined style which infuses touches of class and new tech additions.

It is unsurprising that the 2023 Ford Ranger has already been awarded the Auto Express Pick-up of the Year 2023.

Despite the quality and appeal of the new Ford Ranger, there are a host of useful and quality accessories and extras which can enhance your driving experience and optimize your truck’s functionality!

Whether you’re looking for increased utility from your Ranger or a flourish of personalization and style, we’ve got you covered with our innovative and extensive selection of Ford Ranger compatible products, sure to take your Ranger to the next level in performance and style. Read on to explore some of our exciting new Ranger compatible products.

Off-Road Essentials:
For those who work in agriculture and spend a good deal of time in the great outdoors, or general off-road explorers, we have a collection of accessories specifically designed with you in mind. Our off-road essentials will enable you to enhance your Ranger’s capabilities on rough terrains, such as our rugged skid plates, forged from high quality, durable materials such as robust aluminium and sturdy steel, our Ranger skid plates are ideal for protecting your Ranger from getting caught or damaged on the rough, and uneven terrain of the great outdoors. Additionally, you can equip your Ranger with our suspension improvement kits, ensuring optimal performance on challenging off-road trails.

If you’re the outdoorsy type or spend a considerable amount of time in your truck, your Ranger may also benefit from the installation of our wind deflector upgrades, tailored to improve airflow while keeping out rain and debris.

Cargo Management Solutions:
The Ford Ranger is well-recognized for its practical utility, but Storm’s selection of cargo management accessories can enable you to go a step further and truly make the most of your Ranger. Maximize your Ranger’s cargo space utility with Storm’s clever storage boxes, perfect for securing all your tools and equipment in your Ranger’s load bed. If you use your Ranger for work, and organization of your equipment is imperative, the Ridge Bed Integrated Drawer System is a must to get the most out of your Ranger’s Load Bed space. Whether you own the latest 2023 model, or one of the older 2012-2022 models. we’ve got you covered.

What’s more, we offer a selection of Ranger Bed Mats to protect your Load Bed from the wear and tear of transporting difficult items prone to leaks and spills! Additionally, we offer an array of quality Tonneau Covers to protect your cargo from the elements while adding a sleek and stylish touch to your truck’s exterior.

Exterior Enhancements:
Personalize your Ford Ranger‘s exterior, your Ranger, your way with Storm’s variety of accessories designed to make a bold statement. Choose from a wide range of hard tops, bonnet scoops, and lighting systems such as our radiant LED light upgrades. Storm’s exterior accessories are sure to transform your Ranger into your very own, unique truck, guaranteed to turn heads.

Ranger mixed product selection for Ford Ranger: Bonnet Scoop, Lazer LED Lighting, Hard Top for Ford Ranger

Mixed Product Selection- See all Ford Ranger products Storm Xccessories

Interior Comfort and Protection:
Optimize your comfort and protect your Ranger’s interior with Storm’s selection of stylish accessories designed for convenience and protection. Upgrade your seats with premium, waterproof, and stain-resistant leather style upholstery with our durable, protective seat covers, specially designed to withstand heavy use and built to brave the elements. Protect your truck’s carpeting from dirt, spills, and outdoor wear with our all-weather floor mats.

With our ever-expanding offering of new and innovative accessories and extras, we’ve made it easier than ever to customize and enhance your Ford Ranger to suit your specific needs and style preferences. Whether an adventure seeker, a practical driver, or someone who appreciates a touch of personalization and finesse for their truck, our accessories offer a wide range of options to elevate your Ranger’s performance, utility, and look. Explore the possibilities and transform your Ford Ranger and truly make it your own.