VW Amarok Pickup Accessories

Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles Team first signalled their intention in 2005 to build a family of vehicles fit to contend, shoulder to shoulder, with the big boys in the pick-up and off-road market. After a lengthy period of market testing and research deliberating on the naming of the vehicle, the VW Amarok was launch in June 2009 at General Pacheco, Argentina. The name Amarok means Wolf in the Inuit language, and the word has Romanic linguistic ties to the term ‘loves rocks’, and Irish language resemblance to the word “tomorrow”.

Owing to the success of the Amarok, VW have gone on to produce numerous editions of the vehicle, the most recent of which was launched in 2023 and remains synonymous with the requisite robustness and admirable style and comfort of a rugged, luxury pick-up truck.

Our VW Amarok compatible products and accessories range through from the earlier 2010-2016 models, all the way through to the all new 2023 Amarok.

Double and Crew Cab options all available!